• The Great Indian Rock Trick

    The Great Indian Rock Trick

    No fake fakirs or mendacious mantras. Our music
    is all the elevation you need.

  • Recycling, Desi Style

    Recycling, Desi Style

    Eclectic, unexpected, effective. Just like
    our brand of Bangalore Rock from the
    land where nothing’s wasted.

  • <del>Abbey</del> Brigade Road

    Abbey Brigade Road

    Iconic or ironic, we take Bangalore Rock very seriously.
    Watch out for speeding rickshaws!

  • Five Star Avatar

    Five Star Avatar

    We’re classy, sassy and addicted to street food. It’s
    just about as spicy as our music.

  • Barbershop Harmony

    Barbershop Harmony

    A trim. A shave. An oil massage. Our music is the whole deal.

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