Gotcha! The consumerist in you can’t help but click on that ‘Shop’ button, eh?

Unfortunately, we found ourselves incapable of managing multiple orders and maintaining inventory, so we’ve gone all first world on you and outsourced the whole shebang.

If you want our music – drop in to the sweatshops of iTunes and you will find all our albums there for purchase, cheap! Our 6th Album, The Scene, is also available on Various other digital stockists appear to have our content available – the bewildering plethora of these distributors means you can get our stuff pretty much anywhere, all you’ve got to do is look, dammit.

If you want merchandise – stay tuned to our social feeds – we’re in the process of getting some nice folks in our tech-savvy little city to handle all production, sizing, stocking etc. We’re just going to count the bread, the dough, the moolah, the dosh….bwa ha ha ha ha ha ha..


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